how to get days between two dates in a flutter

Hello developers, today I have to implement how to get days between two dates in a flutter, this topic help in your flutter app development, dear developers my aim is very simple and point-to-point information of the related post(data) for the help of flutter developers. 

The help with the date picker install and instruction flow of the link

Let’s start

install pod – custom_date_range_picker

import some libraries on your screen.

import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import 'package:intl/intl.dart';
import 'package:flutter_localizations/flutter_localizations.dart';
import 'package:custom_date_range_picker/custom_date_range_picker.dart';

Declaration on the Controller

Date with formate.

  DateTime? startDate;
  DateTime? endDate;
  String? betweenDays = '30 days';
  final startDateController = TextEditingController();
  final endDateController = TextEditingController();
   void startDay() {
    var now =;
    var formatter = DateFormat('dd-MM-yyyy');
    String formattedDate = formatter.format(now);
    startDateController.text = formattedDate;

  void endDay() {
    var now =;
    var formatter = DateFormat('dd-MM-yyyy');
    String formattedDate = formatter.format(now);
    endDateController.text = formattedDate;
   void initState() {

Date Picker Code:

 int days_Difference_Between(DateTime from, DateTime to) {
    from = DateTime(from.year, from.month,;
    to = DateTime(to.year, to.month,;
    return (to.difference(from).inHours / 24).round();

  void datePick() {
      dismissible: true,
      backgroundColor: ColorConstant.black900,
      maximumDate: Duration(days: 365)),
      endDate: endDate,
      startDate: startDate,
      onApplyClick: (start, end) {
        setState(() {
          endDate = end;
          startDate = start;
          final currentDay =; // Current date
          final differenceFormTwoDates = days_Difference_Between(start, end);
          final differenceFormCurrent = days_Difference_Between(start, end);
          var daysGet = differenceFormTwoDates + 1;
          betweenDays = daysGet.toString();
          var formatterStartdate = DateFormat('dd-MM-yyyy');
          String formattedDate = formatterStartdate.format(start);
          var formatterEnddate = DateFormat('dd-MM-yyyy');
          String formattedEDate = formatterEnddate.format(end);
          startDateController.text = formattedDate.toString();
          endDateController.text = formattedEDate.toString();
      onCancelClick: () {
        setState(() {
          endDate = null;
          startDate = null;

Access the date function in textformfiled method

  Widget boxStartDate() {
    return InkWell(
      onTap: () {
      child: Center(
        child: Container(
          width: 80.0,
          height: 16.0,
          padding: setPadding(),
          child: TextFormField(
            style: TextStyle(
              color: ColorConstant.indigo800,
              fontSize: getFontSize(
              fontFamily: 'Roboto',
              fontWeight: FontWeight.w500,
              height: 1.00,
            readOnly: true,

            onTap: () async {},
            //autofocus: true,
            //keyboardType: TextInputType.number,
            controller: startDateController,
            //onChanged: (_) => FocusScope.of(context).nextFocus(), // focus to next
            maxLength: 10,

            decoration: const InputDecoration(
                border: InputBorder.none,
                errorStyle: TextStyle(height: 0),
                counterText: '',
                contentPadding: EdgeInsets.only(
                  top: 10,
                  bottom: 9.0,
            validator: (value) {
              if (value == null || value.isEmpty) {
                return '';
              return null;


In this article, we discussed the most beneficial part of the date range picker Screen between two date selection text forms and a separate container with a button, to make our development life easier In future parts, I will share some important codes of Date Range selection screen to make your Flutter Development journey a bit faster and many tips related to Flutter and Dart for more help please view over another article

I hope it was a useful article, please share and subscribe to my channel, You have enjoyed the most. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments, See you soon. 

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